Web Design: Bee's Catering

Bee's Catering, a local company, approached me to design a new website for them, and the final outcome is one that is cross-browser compatible and degrades gracefully.

The main layout includes a banner header that rotates between 5 images, implemented via an Open Source jQuery plugin. The Gallery page has a lightbox implementation, similar to the one implemented in this very page, as a way to view multiple large images successively with ease. Within the Contact page, Google Maps is used to point to the physical business location.

Most of the photographs that were used within the website were also taken by me (some of which can be viewed in the Photographs page of this portfolio).

The website can be viewed at www.beescatering.com.sg.
  • Bee's Catering - Home Page
  • Bee's Catering - Buffets Page
  • Bee's Catering - Gallery Page
  • Bee's Catering - Contact Page

Web Design: Show & Telly

The Show & Telly website was created as part of my Capstone Multimedia Technology Project component of the Honours programme at SIM University. The aim of the project was to create a video-streaming website targeted to young children. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) was used as the platform for the website, and a highly customised theme was designed.

The website has an internal search engine, commenting system and features a teddy bear mascot. The mascot was created for a separate SIM University subject's project (which can be seen in the Videos page of this portfolio), and was re-utilised within the site. Pseudo-streaming was implemented to allow better implementation of the video player plugin.

Unfortunately, the website has since been removed.
  • Show & Telly - Home Page
  • Show & Telly - Individual Video Page
  • Show & Telly - Browse Videos Page
  • Show & Telly - Help Page
  • Show & Telly - 404 Error Page

Web & Logo Design: Sza Hawsa

A local branch of the London-based company Sza Hawsa Limited approached me to create a simple website for them, including a logo that was locally used.

The website was designed to be clean and professional, and included a requested splash page which was still considered "in fashion" at the time. The splash page design included a simple animation, consisting of lines moving towards the centre of the page and fading off into the background.

The splash page animation can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, the website is no longer online.
  • Sza Hawsa - Logo Design
  • Sza Hawsa - Splash Page
  • Sza Hawsa - Home Page

Graphic Design: Pillar Banners for Thinkfun

A local company, Lancashire Marketing Private Limited required 2 banners for their client, Thinkfun, for their range of products. The banners were to be displayed on a pillar at the Toys 'R Us outlet within Forum The Shopping Mall at Orchard Road.

One of the banners was to display a range of Rush Hour Family products, while the other banner was for the Thinkfun brand message, with over half of banner to be hidden behind merchandise. Taking inspiration from Thinkfun's previous marketing documents, the products banner was designed and quickly approved. Each product image had to be painstakingly masked out of their background to be used within the banners.

The brand message banner was designed to show some of the other Thinkfun products once the merchandise have been taken off the shelves. The inclusion of a stock photograph of an adorable young boy within the brand message banner proved successful in attracting customers to the merchandise, as informed to me by a representative of Lancashire Marketing.
  • The Thinkfun banners artwork.
  • The empty pillar space allocated for the banners.
  • The printed designs installed on the pillar.

Graphic Design: Pull-Up Stand Banner for Singapore General Hospital

The Centre for Hearing & Ear Implants needed a pull-up stand banner design work, and all the photography for said banner (which can be viewed in the Photographs page of this portfolio), which I was more than happy to provide.
  • Singapore General Hospital's Centre for Hearing & Implants.

Graphic Design: Clip Banners for Republic Polytechnic's Library

Republic Polytechnic required 2 clip banner designs for their library, and they had provided the photographs to be used.
  • The Republic Polytechnic library banner artworks.
  • The displayed Republic Polytechnic library clip banners.